In keeping with the philosophy of human productivity, we create modern security and productivity solutions for corporate and personal use, while also ensuring a high-quality standard of living for our employees.


1. The value ​​of the final product is more important than the rules

  • Profit is not the ultimate goal of the company, it merely reflects our achievements
  • Think about how customers will feel when using our products
  • Direct your attention to the market and look for opportunities there, regardless of your job position
  • Respect the quality the way you’d like your interests to be respected
  • Before you make a decision, explore the possible decisions and their consequences
  • Strive to understand the essence of things, avoid superficial information
  • Consult and communicate with your colleagues about your ideas and conclusions
  • Plan so that progress could be seen every day
  • Check your result yourself
  • Create and demonstrate your key performance indicators

2. Grow and develop

  • As a leader, nurture your colleagues and partners
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Analyze the results of your work, improve yourself and the technology
  • Get creative in searching the right goals
  • Identify successful actions and double down on them, and share the conclusions with colleagues
  • Identify ineffective approaches and exclude them from the workflow
  • Create, fill, and control a knowledge base about products, processes, and the company
  • Create an environment where your colleagues can freely voice their thoughts and ensure they get heard
  • Encourage colleagues who are ready to describe and take on tasks in unfamiliar fields
  • Build a motivation system so that your colleagues are satisfied with their job
  • Hire people with potential, not with a toolbox

3. Think of the distant future

  • Build short-term plans based on the existing strategy
  • Improve your strategy if it faces an insurmountable danger
  • Do business so that you go down in history of the company with honor
  • Do not use dubious and unreliable technologies
  • Check the reputation and intentions of job candidates, avoid hiring candidates with a bad reputation
  • Build trust in yourself with your deeds
  • Prioritize internal hiring over external
  • Bet on young specialists - they are the future of the company
  • Remember that employees who do not want to grow pose a threat to the future of the company

4. Respect and help

  • Respect customers and colleagues
  • Eliminate negative emotions and actions - this will unite your team
  • Protect colleagues from any negative impact, eliminate its sources by any means
  • Learn the work of the entire department before you take control of it
  • Treat the company property with due care
  • Once you become successful, bear social responsibility

Common values ​​of Brooog employees

The value of our products

The value of Brooog products stems from the fact that users don’t have to spend time studying them - they can immediately start using our solutions and get the expected results shortly.

Aesthetic satisfaction is another crucial factor that is highly esteemed in our products. The user’s desire to engage with our products and keep using them is the highest praise for our company.

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